Custom bicycles for unique individuals

Bicycle riders are all unique,
mass-produced bicycles, are not.

An individual fit

Main fit measurements
Diagram showing saddle height, saddle setback, BB to handlebar reach, BB to handlebar stack height establish

A custom-fit bicycle eliminates the sacrifices made when shopping commercially produced bicycles. Off-the-rack bicycles are sized for cyclists, generally based on rider height. These predetermined sizes do not take into account variations in your torso, leg or arm length. These sizes assume all 5'11" riders have the same arm and leg lengths. They also don't address your flexibility or riding style. Inevitably, achieving a workable fit relies on fiddling around with components to approximate a custom frame.

A custom fit and geometry will make you see all the rough edges you have endured. Pains will diminish, you’ll be faster, and you’ll be able to ride longer to enjoy the world over the next hill and around the next corner. A custom fit bicycle feels like a natural extension of your body.

An individual design

Main fit measurements
Diagram showing geometry measurements of a bicycle.

A bespoke bicycle is more than an individual fit.

A custom frame is built with tubes selected to match and enhance your individual riding style and needs. As a custom framebuilder, some of the things I will consider include: are you a powerful rider, do you have any injuries, do you like to work from the saddle or dance on the pedals, what weight-class are you in, do you plan to ride for hours day after day, or short commutes.

A bicycle is a personal vehicle. When you sit in the saddle of your custom bicycle you will have a unique sense of ownership, a sense of pride. You will know this is your one true bicycle.